Service Center for the Disabled Explores Career Prospect of the Marginalized Group, Shandong

By Yetta Yao, September 06, 2016 03:09 AM

Jinan Faith Hope Love Service Center for the Disabled visits the center of Qingdao(Jinan Faith Hope Love Service Center for the Disabled)

Jinan Faith Hope Love Service Center for the disabled visited a service center that helps the disabled obtain employment in Qingdao on August 26 to 28, hoping to learn the methods and ideas of the service a different institution has and explore its features, models and content. 

The center in Qingdao shows its introduction, the service of assisting the disabled with employment and the normal state of the marginalized community via field operation and slideshows. 

It says that there is a problem when it comes to the lack of propaganda for introducing the special group, which causes misunderstanding between them and the outside world. Therefore, every presentation to the external world gains more support and resource from the society. 

This visit enabled the center from Jinan to see the hopes and career prospect for the disabled.

Mr. Zhan, the director of the center, said that they are mainly sponsored by social donations. The center provides employment training, support and service for the mentally disabled. Considering that the majority of the students in the center are heavily mentally handicapped, it has made several employment programs suitable for the disabled and seen their change and growth in their employment tenure. Moreover, jobs at various levels of difficulty are also provided.

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