Religious Charity Week in Jiangxi: Christians Donate Wheelchairs

By Grace Zhi, September 30, 2016 00:09 AM

Wheelchairs donation ceremony in Religious Charity Week of Jiangxi(Photo Provided to CCD)

Wheelchairs donation ceremony in Religious Charity Week of Jiangxi(Photo Provided to CCD)

In the morning of Sept 25, Nanchang Christian Church hosted the 2016 Religious Charity Week: Wheelchairs Donation Ceremony of Jiangxi Christian Community. This year, during the Religious Charity Week, CCCTSPM donated 132 wheelchairs to ten cities in Jiangxi through the Jiangxi Christian Council. 20 wheelchairs were donated in the donation ceremony.

The donation ceremony was hosted by Pastor Li Yungen, chairman of Jiangxi TSPM. Elder Fu Xianwei, chairman of State TSPM, Wang Xixian, vice director of Jiangxi Civil and Religious Bureau and director Chen Yan and director Zhu of the Provincial United Front Work Department attended the ceremony and gave speeches.

According to the fellow worker in charge from Jiangxi CCC & TSPM, this wheelchair donation was for the community and most of the donations were given to nonbelievers. Among the 20 wheelchairs at the ceremony, only two people from the church accepted donations, the rest are all received by nonbelievers. According to the statistics, it is the same in other cities as well.



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