Guangdong Union Theological Seminary Celebrates 30th Anniv of Reopen

By Yi Yang, October 01, 2016 01:10 AM

Guangdong Union Theological Seminary celebrates 30th Anniv of reopen

Guangdong Union Theological Seminary celebrates 30th Anniv of reopen

Guangdong Union Theological Seminary celebrates 30th Anniv of reopen

Guangdong Union Theological Seminary celebrates 30th Anniv of reopen

On Sept 21-22, Guangdong Union Theological Seminary hosted the 30th Anniversary of Reopen celebration, worship and seminar on "Participate in Charity Work and Shine for Christ", the alumni got together to celebrate this event.

Almost 800 people from CCC & TSPM of Guangdong and Guangzhou, leaders from Guangdong Religious Affairs Committee, alumni of the seminary, teachers, students and guests from all over the world attended the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Pastor Xu Xiaohong, sectary general of TSPM committee said that in the process of the urbanization today in China, Chinese churches are facing the imbalance of development with the downsizing of the western region and rural churches and the costal churches growing continually. He further claimed that it adds stress for pastoral supply and the theological education should grasp the situation, make adjustment accordingly to achieve better development.

He also stated that the seminary should integrate with church reality and not back away from China's national and religious condition. "With today's Christianity in China, we can't neglect the excellence tradition of the Chinese culture and the advanced socialist culture. The seminary should take attempts on theological etiquette, holy music, social service, Christian ethics (marriage and family, parenting education) and pastoral psychology and make appropriate adjustment to curriculums based on the need of the churches and apply the resources in colleges and universities to make up the weakness. Guangdong abuts Hong Kong & Macau with abundant resources, and can exploit the regional advantage and take the seminary to a new height with global outlook, admitting the advanced research of international theological education to enrich studies and let the world witness the development of Chinese churches."

On 21, a worship of ecclesiastical music called "Your Grace Is Enough" was hosted in the Union Church with three sections: "The Calling and Following", "Path of Service" and "Glorified Song of Triumph". There was also bible reading from the old and new testaments, a female quartet, a four part chorus, and a male and female duet

At the Alumni Gathering, alumni from Dongshan era, Shamian era, and the Extended Class of Guangdong Union Theological Seminary presented their performances as follows: hymn singing, crosstalk, dances, skits, instrumental performance, and the interaction between the host and the audience.

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of reestablishment, Pastor Cai Bosheng, chairman of Shenzhen CCC &TSPM, Pastor Huang Zhaoping, director of the Union Church, and Doctor Sun Shanyi, Supervising Director of Social Initiatives of the Caring for Children Foundation gave speeches.

The GUTS has trained more than 700 theological graduates with the pastoral further studies classes and research and advanced classes, with over 800 total graduates. 75% of the pastoral personnel in Guangdong are from Guangdong Union Theological Seminary, and most of the graduates serve in Guangdong churches while some serve in Hainan Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. There are 3 junior college courses, 4 undergraduate courses, 3 extended courses and 1 two-year sacred music course, with 200 students at the school.

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