[Christian Testimony] A Former Drug Addict's Journey to God and to Serve

By Brother Su, March 08, 2017 01:03 AM

“Rebirth Paradise” --- Gospel Drug Addiction Treatment Center, Ruili(Pastor Xu)

Being Set Free(pixabay)

Since the Baoshan Gospel Drug Detoxification Center was opened, it has helped about 100 people to gain new lives for themselves. Brother Su is one of them. He not only got rid of his addiction to drugs; but, also dedicated himself to serve other drug addicts after studying for 3 years in a seminary.

Here is his personal testimony.

Be Tempted

I am 28 years old and was born into a ordinary poor family of 4 in Yunnan. I had a group of friends as I grew up and another group of friends with whom I often hung out to eat and drink. I often came home drunk. 

As they wanted me to leave my bad friends, my parents encouraged me to work. I started to build my own company in town and I met another bunch of friends. I often hung out with them after work and some of them had drugs in front of me. Although I knew that drugs are so harmful, that it could break a family completely and destroy a person, as time went by, I grew closer to them and my curiosity for drugs grew stronger. I lost my self-control because of my friends' tempting words and ended up tasting the drugs.

Be bound by sin

I felt very bad when I tasted the drugs for the first time and for a long time, I did not touch it, swearing to myself that I would never do drugs again. However, I was compelled to continue associating with my friends because I loved to have fun and came to know more people dealing with drugs. Later on, I started helping my friends contact drug traffickers to make some money. I tasted the goodness of drug-dealing when it helped me earn money faster and easier than doing hard work. 

As I started to deal with drugs, I gradually became addicted. I feared that my family and friends would discover it so I began to hide from them. I regretted it and felt scared of my actions. 

Failed drug treatment

After seeking counseling, I tried many means to quit, but failed. I had thought that my life was over, knowing that every treatment meant to cure me of my addiction was useless.

When I learned the hard lesson from drugs, I felt so much regret, but I could not help myself to get rid of my addiction. And when I came to the end, my family found out about my addiction. Though they were sad to know it, they did not blame me and helped me to find ways out of this problem. After a few months, my sister saw the gospel detoxification center online. Though I had no idea about the gospel, I agreed to try it. 

Journey in the rebirth center

It was April 29, 2015 when I came to the rebirth center where there were many addicts of all kinds from different backgrounds. There was only one requirement there and that is to voluntarily accept all rules there. 

After signing my contract which would last for one and a half years, I started my journey to get rid off my addiction to drugs with doubts still in my mind.

They provided no medicine nor did they ask addicts to rely on their own strength. They told us that believing in Jesus could help us along with the help of reading the Bible and prayer. Upon hearing this, I felt ridiculous and angry, doubting them if they can really help me. 

I had many doubts, wondering whether I could fulfill my contract but many former addicts came to help me, comforted me and prayed for me, telling me the benefits of bible reading. 

In the first months, time was passing by so slowly but seeing the love of teachers for me, I was moved and began to study, to pray and recited prayers. 

After 6 months, I got rid of my addiction to drugs and restored my good health. On account of my weakness, the teachers gave me more love and help and I felt their total love.

During that time, I saw students graduate one by one and leave the center. Feeling jealous of them, I also wanted to graduate soon. I also felt at a loss about my future but I believed that God would lead my way.

Because the shepherds and workers kept teaching us the Bible and encouraging us, I gradually realized the benefit of faith and I began reading the Bible by myself, prayed and copying the Bible. Through my study, I was moved by many verses and examples in the Bible.

Baptized as new person

Before my first Easter in the Rebirth Center, I had no idea about about Easter. The teachers patiently explained to me the meaning of Easter and the reason for baptism for Christians. Baptism signals that one accepts Jesus as the Lord. I was baptized on that same Easter. 

At the moment of immersion under water, I knew that my old self had been buried and when I reemerged from the water, I felt my new life in Christ. 

After studying in the rebirth center for a year, I learned to cherish what I have at the present. I realized how ignorant and rebellious I had been and the reason why I could be healed, gain new life and found out my life goals and direction in the center was due to God's grace. 

Just as the lost son came to himself and repented before God and repentant man after realizing his sins, I also wanted to put into practice what I have learned so I went to seminary in Baoshan after my graduation from the center to equip myself more so I can become a missionary to help other lost sons like me. 

THE EDITOR: Brother Su went to Baoshan Bible Institute to study the basic theology after he was healed physically and spiritually in the rebirth center. He plans to have a 3 year-in-depth study and wants to become a missionary to bring the truth of Jesus Christ to other addicts and slaves to sin. During his stay in the center, his family was very supportive of decision to get rid of his addiction and encouraged him to go to a seminary. Though his parents do not believe in the Lord, they saw the change of Brother Su and how the Gospel transformed an addict to a new person.

Translated by Alvin Zhou

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