Bavaria YMCA of Germany Visits Beijing Chongwenmen Church

By Beijing Chongwenmen Church, November 22, 2017 01:11 AM

A six-person delegation of the Bavaria YMCA of Germany visited Beijing Chongwenmen Church on October 27, 2017. (Beijing Chongwenmen Church )

A six-person delegation from the Bavaria YMCA of Germany visited Beijing Chongwenmen Church on October 27, 2017.

Rev. Liu Cuimin, the senior pastor of Chongwenmen Church, shared the church's history and development in recent years. The two sides talked about charities.

The visitors expressed delight to see the development of the Chinese church and were inspired by the mutual communication, looking forward to more exchanges between young people in the two counties.

Founded in the 1900s, the YMCA follows the instruction of "Know the truth, the truth sets you free" to take real action to serve groups in need. They adhere to the Christian theology "God is love", doing community service as a special medium and bridge between churches and society.  

- Translated by Karen Luo

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