Pope Francis Shares Lesson about Gardening and How to Grow into Better Christians

By M. Grace, March 22, 2018 23:03 PM

Pope Francis(Photo: Pixabay)

Pope Francis welcomed the spring season with a lesson on gardening and growing into a better Christian.

"Does a tree or plant that is diseased bloom well? No! Does a tree or a plant that isn't watered ... bloom well? No. And does a tree or plant with no roots bloom?" he said before delivering his talk on March 21.

According to the pope, Christians can learn from spring flowers. The root is Jesus and the water that replenishes the roots is the prayer and sacraments.

Pope Francis also highlighted and encouraged everyone to never cut off one's roots with Jesus.

"I wish that this spring would be for you a spring in bloom," he said, adding "the flowers a tree puts forth come from what it has underneath.' Never cut off (one's) roots with Jesus."

In his main talk, the pope also focused about rite of Holy Communion. He reminded everyone that Jesus forgives and that His blood washed away our sins; the thing that separates us from Jesus.

"Do not forget! Jesus always forgives. Jesus never tires of forgiving. It is we who tire of asking for forgiveness," he added.

He continued that every time we partake the Holy Eucharist and participate in Communion, we became more like Jesus and we will be transformed in Jesus by uniting ourselves with Christ.

"We become what we receive," he said.

"The Eucharist makes us strong, to give us fruit, flowers of good works," he said. Receiving the Eucharist is receiving Jesus, who "is so good and so great," he added.



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