Christians Worried About Smart Devices Being Unable to Recognize Jesus

By M. Grace, May 05, 2018 04:05 AM

Christians Worried About Smart Devices Being Unable to Recognize Jesus (pixabay)

Smart devices like Amazon's Alexa, the Google Assistant for Google Home and Apple's Siri have reportedly limited knowledge about Jesus Christ and Christians raised the concern as they claimed to have been using these devices regularly for devotion.

According to a report, one out of five Americans uses smart speakers in their homes. Designed with artificial intelligence, these gadgets perform tasks easier for digital living.

However, these smart devices raises privacy issues for Christians. Apparently, they are worried about how these devices answer about anything related to God. For instance, KeepTheFaith  Radio Networks CEO David Sams pointed out that he tried asking his Google Home once about Jesus Christ but the smart device could not provide any information.

"It's kinda scary, it's almost like Google has taken Jesus and God out of smart audio," he said.

Google was also recently accused of censoring God after several videos of users showed that the gadget can actually answer questions expertly about Krishna, Allah, Mohammed, Buddha and Satan. Google also responded saying that the AI takes information from the web, adding that they will look for alternatives and solutions to their features.

"Fears about the technology might go viral, especially if they're designed to go viral," historian and culture writer Daniel Silliman said. "But the more lasting effect might be the way this technology is adopted and adapted by creative, mission-driven people," he added.

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