Count Your Blessings

By Faith Magbanua, May 10, 2018 23:05 PM


As the Christian song goes "Count your blessings name them one by one, count your blessings see what God hath done?"

In our life, we often lie to our family just to avoid the "discomfort" of telling them the truth, being honest.

Honest with our feelings.

We think that it is right to hide them the truth, because of course, something hurts us will also hurt them in the process. As a result, we come to a strange conclusion that hiding what we really feel is the best way to do.

But we cannot hide from God. He knows everything, even our deepest sorrows.  As people of God, yes we are currently staying in the world, but we must remember that not all material things will give us joy.

If we have problems that we cannot solve, we can always tell it to Jesus through prayers.  Even though we cannot always tell it to our family head-on, it's best to tell everything to God.

Sometimes, the only people that can give us happiness aside from God is our family.  Lying to them on how we really feel will only make things worse.

If all else fails, count your blessings and "name" them one by one.   People in general are having a tough time expressing themselves but always remember that everything in this world is not permanent.

Change is inevitable.

In conclusion:

We may be with that person today but only God knows what will happen in the future.  We may be sad for a while but people heal and God is the most amazing healer ever known.  God gave us families so that we can tell our sorrows to them, they are a great blessing.

Psalm 23:1

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.


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