Who to Impress?

By Faith Magbanua, May 16, 2018 21:05 PM


Our initial reaction to false accusation is to fight. 

The fight or flight dilemma that has been roaming around for centuries has been quite a thing to us human beings, even to Christians.

According to Psalm 35:9, "And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord; it shall rejoice in His salvation" 

Do you remember David? Yes, David from the Bible, that was his reaction to the people that has been doing false accusations towards him.

It got him thinking "Do I sacrifice my character for my reputation?" 

He did choose his character though. 

Why?  Because he knew who to impress.

He knew that if he was right with God, it made no difference what other people did to him or said about him.  So he started with a prayer.  (v. 1) "Plead my cause O Lord, with those who strive with me; fight against those who fight against me"

Keep in mind that when the enemy fight against you, he is really fighting against the Lord. 

That's a good principle to remember.  When the child of God is in God's will, he can claim the help and the protection of the Father.

We do not need to impress other people; we only need to impress God.  If others are saying bad things about you, let them be.  Jesus will give them what they deserve.  Of course, if you are in His will. 

Every action that we do, will be used against us.  I am not saying that you allow yourself to be bullied, but keep distance and do not act like them.  People only say things that can either harm someone or uplift them. 

The only one that we need to impress is Jesus Christ.

When dealing with an enemy, our first reaction is to react however, let us be like David when he faced his adversaries.  David prayed to God and He gave David rest.


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