The Ways of God

By Faith Magbanua, June 02, 2018 00:06 AM


As the Bible verse in Hebrews 11:1 says, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

It's so hard to believe, especially in something that we cannot see.  I remember one time when I was in college, the good old thesis days and its pain of a defense.

Everything seems to be in shambles because for starters, I am the only one who is doing the entire thesis when it's supposed to be a group project. My thesismates kept on failing me, save for my friend, who makes it up by doing all the driving and printing and all the errands that we need for our thesis. Then that fateful day came, I was so nervous because my other groupmate had no idea on what he is telling the panelists. 

He kept on blabbing unimportant things to the point where we nearly have our study re-evaluated, meaning we are not going to graduate.

At that moment, I whispered a silent prayer, my Dad prayed for me that day and told me that if everything goes wrong, just ask God for guidance and so I did.

It was a point in my life where I totally accepted the fact that my thesismate were of no help, but all angst aside, I do not accept defeat.  I know that I did my best and God will not let me fail, not this time.

A few minutes after the prayer, lo and behold, one panelist came to our defense saying that they might not really get our study quite well since most of the 4 panelists are not a communication major. This served as an opening to me to further explain the study, getting nods of approval from everyone in the room aside from one professor but who cares, we got a whopping 93%, not the highest but still, all the time and efforts that we poured in that thesis came into fruition.

And then I remember this song that we sang the Christmas before our defense, something that we performed for our Evangelistic Christmas Concert in our church, the song goes:

The ways of God

Sometimes are hard to comprehend

What's impossible for me, is possible for Him

The ways of God, are so much higher than my ways.

Like the Heaven above the earth,

Like the miracle of Jesus's birth

Still I will trust, the ways of God

So whenever, you feel sad, of in deep trouble, remember that God's way are higher than our ways, and all we have to do is to trust Him. 

Sometimes, He uses trouble to build our trust in Him, and just like Hebrews 11:1 says, faith is believing the unseen.

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