Godly Gadgets

By Faith Magbanua, June 04, 2018 23:06 PM


Nowadays, the use of smartphones, laptops and other social media devices are considered as normal. People who do not use social media are considered to be "not normal." However, in this era of gadgets and whatnot, Christians agree that technology has made in-person conversations harder, but sharing one's faith easier.

According to sociologist Sherry Turkle, gadgets are to be blamed for stealing away our eye contact. The moments Americans used to spend face-to-face-everywhere, from riding on public transit to sitting at the dinner table, have been obstructed by smartphones. In many cases, it has virtually eliminated the opportunity for spontaneous conversation.

However, given the fact that we cannot avoid using are smartphones, as Christians, we have to maximize everything to be able to share God's love to others.

To be honest, aside that it has negative effects, the use of social media made sharing the gospel easier!

"The way we communicate has evolved-and, inevitably, so has the way we communicate about faith," states Barna's 2018 report, Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age.

A majority of Christians have noticed the struggle to have in-person conversations, Barna Group found, and-like in Turkle's research for her 2015 book Reclaiming Conversation-it's actually the younger generations that are most acutely aware of the challenge.

All we need is a little bit of self-control when using social media.  We should be mindful on what content we share, post or like, but what better way to share the joy of salvation than to share it on social media? 

As Christians, we are responsible about our actions, the way we talk and the way we present ourselves. Social media is not bad, it depends upon the user.  It is like a sword and will just reflect the wielder's strength, it can either make you or break you.

So, choose wisely and post God's love all the way!



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