Remembering Why Humans Have Imperfect Marriages

By M. Grace, August 31, 2018 17:08 PM

Marriage is not perfect(pixabay)

Christian marriages are not all perfect. There's no such thing as a perfect marriage.

We can observe that during marriages, people expected that it would not be perfect yet they were still surprised at what things would come that they need to face as a couple. But the Bible tells us and guides us to be prepared and let us know what to expect and not be surprised at what may come our way in our marriages.

Here's to remind yourself that your marriage is not perfect:

Your marriage is conducted in a fallen world

Our marriages live in a world which does not function as what God intended it to be. Somehow, your marriage is touched every single day by the brokenness of our world. But God decided to have you in this fallen world to live, love and work because He wants you to face all the difficulties and still appreciate all the positive things that you have instead of focusing on the negativity. Even though this an imperfect world, God will always be there for you and your husband.

You are a sinner married to another sinner.

You just can't get married to someone perfect. Each of us is called sinners and sin is somewhat the most important similarity that we could offer or both have when we have when we started our marriage. At some point in your marriage, you will be selfish, jealous, unkind and get yourself into conflict with your partner. But you can't avoid this.

You need to know that you are a sinner and that your partner is also a sinner. You both have sinned and somewhat are equal. But know that even though you are both sinners, God forgives all the sinners and that you two can start to live the life God wants you as a couple. You will also get to support each other in removing those bad habits.

God is a faithful, powerful and willing God who help our marriage.

The world is imperfect, you and your partner are both sinners but remind yourself that we have a great and powerful God who guides us and makes us feel like we are not alone this struggle. God is near according to Acts 17:27. 

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