Teaching Your Children How To Pray

By M. Grace, August 31, 2018 16:08 PM

Teaching your children to pray(pixabay)

There may be a typical bedtime prayer your children often keep repeating every night before they sleep. It maybe memorized at first or it could be just simple things that they want to talk to with God. But, the point is that you are doing it right- teaching your children how to pray and acknowledge that we are God's children and that He is our savior.

Children need training when it comes to prayer. Parents always teach them to brush their teeth, how to put their clothes away, saying "please," "you're welcome" and "thank you." The Holy Bible supports this idea of learning to pray to God.

According to Luke 1:11, "Lord, teach us to pray just as John taught his disciples."Jesus then taught them the Lord's prayer. The prayer includes different parts and elements. For Christians, we use the acrostic A-C-T-S, which is taken from the basic elements from the Lord's prayer. It means Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. You can use this method to teach your little kids how to pray to God properly.


Tell your kids that this is about praising God each day. You can brainstorm and talk to your children about how they find God in their life. You can tell them that we have a powerful, awesome, loving and kind God and you can also ask your children to find the names of God that can be found in the Bible, for example, Rock, Jesus, Shepherd, King of Kings. You can give a copy to your children so they can always read it or cut out these words and frame it to their room.


You tell your children that during prayer, they can confess their sins to God. It can be anything: whether small or big. Tell them that they can be very honest and that they should be very honest about these details with God.


This is not just simply giving thanks to God. Teach your children to identify things or events that made them feel this day is awesome and that they need to give God the credit for it.


Teach your children that during this part, they can ask anything to God. It can be anything.

But of course, you can use your different approach to teach your children how to pray. Helping and guiding your children to pray and seeing them praying to Him means they are learning that prayers are our way of communicating with God. They will soon acknowledge Him and remember Him for being awesome.

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