Things You Should Know about Infertility

By M. Grace, September 03, 2018 00:09 AM

Infertile couple(pixabay)

Infertility is a common experience. According to a study, approximately 7 to 10 percent of couples experience some form of infertility. Infertile couples are not alone in their experience, many have experienced it. It is important that couples know they are not alone in their experience and also, it is important for churches to know how many couples have been or are struggling with infertility.

Here's what you should know about infertility:

God has a mission for childless couples

God has a special mission for couples unable to conceive. He has given you a different way of becoming a family and it does not feel like it is an inferior way of becoming one. Childlessness can be a hurtful and vexing experience but it is God's purpose for you and your partner. He wants you to be the witness of the good news.

God's reason for infertility remains a mystery.

Even science sometimes find it hard to explain why some couple cannot bear a child but God has His own ways. We need to trust God's plan.

Infertility reminds us that we are not in control.

No matter how hard we try and control our marriage, even our family, it won't just work out. This reminds us that we need to acknowledge God more and He is more powerful and Has plans for us to prosper.

Conception myths are myths.

Infertile couples are given almost all pieces of advice for conceiving and not all of it is true or wise. There is no magic formula for conceiving. Just accept your fate and surrender everything to God. 

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