Special Thanksgiving Service Held in Sign Language

By Karen Luo, November 02, 2018 09:11 AM

While a presider spoke, the student near her interpreted her words into sign language in the Thanksigving communion service held in Heilongjiang Theological Seminary on Oct. 25, 2018(Heilongjiang Mount Olive Theological Base)

Students sang a hymn in both Chinese and sign language.

According to the WeChat account "Heilongjiang Mount of Olives Theological Base", Heilongjiang Theological Seminary held its Thanksgiving communion service on October 25, 2018. The service was both in Chinese and sign language. 

During the service, after certain individuals prayed, made announcements, or read Scripture, the congregation was invited to respond in sign language. 

The service was planned by seminary students studying special theological education . All staff and students in attendance totalled about 200.

Founded in 1996, the seminary is the only school in China that accepts and trains deaf students to become pastors for the deaf community.  

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