Jiangxi Local Christian Training Center Holds 11th Closing Ceremony

By Karen Luo, July 09, 2019 10:07 AM

On June 29, 2019, Xinyu Christian Training Center of Jiangxi held the eleventh closing ceremony for 23 students. (WeChat account: Xinyu Yushui Church )

On June 29, 2019, Xinyu Christian Training Center of Jiangxi held the eleventh closing ceremony for 23 students. 

According to Xinyu Yushui Church, the ceremony included announcing the names of the graduates, issuing certificates, commissioning, and offering a banquet. 

A student representative delivered a speech and another sent gifts to training teachers. Rev. Li Yun'gen, chairman of Xinyu Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), gave books to the students, on behalf of the training center

An elder and three pastors encouraged the students to keep learning knowledge and truth and to work for the Lord rather than boast of themselves.  

According to Li Wan'gen, deputy secretary general of  Xinyu TSPM, the training center was established in May 2008 and offers a one-year course. At first, the center only accepted pastors already serving in grassroots churches and fellowships in Yushui District, Xinyu City for retraining. It was called "Yushui Christian Pastors' Training Class." The second year, at the request of the city churches and the support and approval from the local government, it extended the recruitment to city churches and changed the name to "Xinyu Christian Training Class." Later it was renamed "Xinyu Christian Training Center." So far, over the eight years, 211 students have finished the courses and have gone on to serving in the field. To a certain extent, it has alleviated the situation of the grassroots churches where there are many sheep and few shepherds.



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