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14th National "Church Serving & Caring for the Aged" Seminar Concludes

14th National "Church Serving & Caring for the Aged" Seminar Concludes

The attendees of the 14th national The attendees of the 14th national "Church Elderly Care Services" seminar (Social service dept. of CCC&TSPM)
ByKaren Luo September 28, 2019
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The 14th national "Church Elderly Care Services" seminar, hosted by China Christian Council & the National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and  (CCC&TSPM) was held in northeastern China from September 16 to 20, 2019.

According to CCC&TSPM, key-note lectures were given in the event organized by the  Liaoning province CC&TSPM xof and the Panjin city CC&TSPM and there was a time for practical sharing. Professor Li Jian, director of the Institute of Social Security of Northeastern University, through the perspective of the policy, analyzed the development of China's serving the elderly and looked at the strategy of religious groups serving them. Wu Jianrong, director-general of Shanghai Young Men's Christian Associatian (YMCA) introduced the concept and model of Shanghai's diversified system of elder care. Wang Xiaoyan, deputy director general of Shanghai Young Women's Christian Associatian (YWCA) with a rich experience in resource allocation and risk management and control, vividly explained important topics regarding the management of serving the elderly. Ma Zhaozhen, deputy director general of the Shanghai YMCA, presented the role and development of social work in elder care by citing several cases.

In addition to the professional study at the seminar, the Panjin City Nursing Home also received visitors who came to visit. Dean Yang Lijun introduced the successful experience and future development ideas of the nursing home to everyone.

Nearly 70 heads of retirement-serving institutions from 10 provinces (autonomous regions) participated in the seminar. 

- Translated by Heirs Han


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