Chinese Christian Celebrity Wins “2015 Annual Responsible Person ”

By Grace Zhi, December 03, 2015 00:12 AM

Yuan Li(Charity Festival of Responsible China)

Chinese Christian famous actress, Yuan Li, a Love Save Pneumoconiosis Volunteer, won the "2015 Annual Responsible Person" in 2015 Charity Festival of Responsible China, held by China News Service and China Newsweek on Nov. 27.

Yuan gave a speech about the Pneumoconiosis patients in the festival. She shared the situation of the Pneumoconiosis patients, a group who are kneeling to death. They can't breathe for their lungs inhaled too much metal dust.

This July, Yuan followed Love Save Pneumoconiosis to visit the Pneumoconiosis patients and began to devote herself to helping the special group. She donates money and shared their life condition and needs via social platforms and calls on everyone to join in.

In her speech, she shared many real examples of the patients, who are mostly the post 1980 generations and incapacity. They prepare coffins for themselves because their wives left them for poverty and nobody takes care of the children. She pointed out the reason is that many private mining owners don't take measures to ensure security for saving money. For example, miners wear unprofessional masks.

"I sincerely hope their life condition can be known by people and more companies can have social responsibility. We can't accumulate treasure by crushing others and making them painful! " Yuan published it on her microblog the same day.

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