Former Gang Boss Teddy Hung Shares Testimony in Fujian

By Elsie Hu, November 01, 2016 20:11 PM

Teddy Hung gives testimony in Chenli Church (Chenli Church)

The former gang leader of 14K Triad, Teddy Hung or Hung Hon-yee, shared his life turning story in Chenli Church of Jinjiang, Fujian, telling the Gospel with his own faith experience in the two testimony meetings held on October 26.

In the evening's evangelistic meeting, sixteen people converted to Christianity in the calling portion of the meeting and 47 believers made resolutions to preach the Gospel for the Lord, according to the church's official WeChat account.

Teddy, the previously most powerful gang leader in Hong Kong, established the largest Asian underworld with around 1 million members across the world. He earned a weekly income of about 100 million yuan from running gambling houses, nightclubs and the illegal drug trade ring. However, the bold gang boss finally surrendered to Jesus' love and became an enthusiastic messenger of the Gospel despite a six-year struggle with Jesus.

Before his conversion, Teddy could not stand the thought of mentioning or hearing the name Jesus. He considered those who always said the name as psychos or sorcerers. Jesus was regarded as his enemy. Though he rejected Jesus so strongly, many pastors of Hong Kong insisted on preaching the Gospel to him, one of them even sent him the Bible and telling him to pray for problems that could not be solved. Yet, the arrogant man thought that he could handle everything. 

Later, something amazing happened on him. Seeing the drug addicts, he felt guilt brewing at his conscience at forty years old. He knew that a man would ruin his whole life once he got addicted to heroin. Having harmed so many lives and felt guilty for contributing to it, he closed all his drug trade rings and started the business of nightclubs and casinos. Still troubled by his guilty conscience, he suffered from severe depression and hardly fell asleep. Pains tortured him much. 

One day, he noticed the Bible placed beside the bed and said with rudeness, "Jesus, if you are real and let me sleep, I will trust in you." To his surprise, Jesus heard this prayer. From that day on, he fell asleep as soon as he lied on the bed. But he forgot his word. 

In the next six years, he fought against Jesus because he was reluctant to give up his huge business. He left Jesus three times and nearly committed suicide. Eventually, he surrendered to the deep love of Jesus and experienced the journey to heaven and hell. Since then, he was totally changed. 

Thanks to his conversion to Christianity, his members and family believe in Jesus. What's more, he built a church for his ex-triad members and serves as its pastor. Now, he evangelizes and witness the Lord everywhere, hoping more people to know Jesus' love and enter heaven after death through his life testimony. 

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