Christian Crowd-funded to Save Sick Daughter by Posting Online Journal related to Jesus, Sparking Controversy

By Ruth Wang, December 06, 2016 05:12 AM

Luo Er(Wechat account: Luo Er)

On Nov 27, 2016, an online journal with the title "Jesus, Stop Forcing Me to be Your Enemy" went viral, catching the eyes of lots of non-Christians and many Christians.

The author, Luo Er, father of a 5-year old ill girl, posted on WeChat after his lovely daughter Luo Yixiao diagnosed with leukemia.

Below is some excerpt from the journal:

"This year my father's health condition is worsening days after days, once bedridden. My mother is too old to take care of him. My brother and sister-in-law manage the housework. I was planning to return to Hunan on the Mid-autumn Day and ask for a leave of eleven days. Coupled with the National Day holiday, I can serve my father at home for more than 20 days, also relieving the pressure of my brother and sister-in-law. On Aug. 21, I ordered a ticket that sets out home on Sept. 14 and asked for the leave, having prepared the mooncakes to celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival at home. On Sept. 8, Xiaoxiao (nickname of his daughter) was admitted to the children's hospital. When the doctor said the disease might be leukemia, I was worried for her, feeling shamed for that I might not come home to accompany my father. I prayed in our heart: The Lord Jesus, please let me go back home to fulfill my filial duty.

"...I waited until Sept. 12 when the doctor told me that it is a foregone conclusion of Luo Yixiao with leukemia...I had to return the ticket. Lord Jesus, I just wanted to go home to do my duty. Why did you disagree!

"There is a devout believer named Job in the Bible, who had seven sons and three daughters with a large fortune.The devil bet with God on whether he would believe in God after disasters. Satan killed his children and destroyed his possessions, making Job suffer from a serious disease. Job still had infinite faith in God, then God was so pleased that He gave him another seven sons and three daughters as well as the doubled wealth. This story has inspired countless believers, but disappointing me. Why would God allow the devil to do this? Those children ruined by the devil were raised by the love of a loving father rather than flocks and herds fed on grass. God, even if you give back one hundred children to Job, you can't compensate a father for the hurt of losing a child!

"The Bible also says that it was because Adam and Eve who were disobedient to God's word and ate the apples in the Garden of Eden that their generations were sinners. The Lord Jesus, I don't believe that my daughter is a sinner. Still in her mom's womb, she received the baptism of your love in the church. Like you, her heart is full of love... The Lord Jesus, how can you bear to see such a loving girl being tortured!

"I don't want to be Job nor expect God to compensate me a new daughter. I only want Luo Yixiao without one hair less! 


"Jesus, if you don't let my daughter return home vivaciously and allow my father who may pass away with depression without tasting my filial piety, I won't believe in you. I will be your enemy forever. Don't scare me with the hell, I'm not afraid!"

Until 5 pm on Nov.29, the article has been awarded 384 times. This heart-breaking post goes viral among Christians and even non-believers, after a financial consultancy firm Xiao Tong Ren agreed to donate one yuan for each share on social media. By last Wednesday, the article has been read by over 100,000 people and liked exceeding 37,000 times on WeChat, raising a total donation of more than 2 million yuan. 

Meanwhile, many comments from Chinese Christians have been filed on WeChat.

A comment below the article is forwarded by a Christian, saying that Luo's article means that he will give up the faith in Jesus if Jesus doesn't heal her daughter. It reads that his weakness can be understood, but it's a pity that the post that has been edited by a non-Christian has been re-published in an official account that declaims to donate one yuan for each share. As a result, the post has been forwarded, more sadly, reposted by many Christians. Feeling not peaceful, the commenter says that the Holy Spirit reminded him of a sentence --- "They sold Jesus for the interest of one yuan!" He urges the believers to express their love in the prayer for Luo and his daughter for God will give him the strength to overcome the trials.

As a response, a sister holds that they're not "selling" Jesus and she can understand Brother Luo's feelings. As a Christian, she doesn't want to be affected by this anxiety or comment anything on this. Instead, she believes that we can pray or help.

Another Christian comments that good hearts bring about bad results. Perhaps those donors want to help Luo. However, how will non-Christians regard this?

"It matters nothing if they see (the reposts). The name Jesus is not a privilege of a certain denomination or a pastor. If someone uses the name to raise enough money for treatment, I don't feel sorry but happy. At least the name is of great value. It will be bad if some day the name of Jesus cannot be used to collect money." A netizen comments. 

Meanwhile, a portion of Christians have delivered the concern on their WeChat accounts. On Sept. 15, just three days after the article published, an official account named "Manna in the Wilderness" releases a post named "[Testimony of Grace] Luo Er, the Heavenly Father Waits at the Intersection till You Come Back". The author serves with Luo Er in the same choir of Xin'en Church of Shenzhen.

The author witnesses that Luo is a true Christian, also leading his wife to serve in the church. Hearing the sick news of his father and daughter, he believes that nobody can bear off the blows. He holds that the Book Job teaches a lesson that believers can overcome sufferings they cannot understand and find the strength of life. He wants to tell Luo that he is not alone and the church who loves him waits for his coming back, inviting the believers to pray for his family.

Another article "Who Makes You the Enemy of Jesus" released by the account "Limi Tuan" on Nov. 28 disagrees with Luo's attitude and thinks that Luo has a misunderstanding of Christianity. In the end, the writer called on Luo to shoulder the responsibility Luo should assume and surrender to Jesus if Luo wants Jesus to take responsibility for him.

On Nov. 29, an account "Power of Faith" publishes an article that claims that Luo, as a member of the church, declares to depart the home when being disciplined, which distresses the Lord... The writer hopes Luo meditate on Jesus' word, "The time has come and the kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!" Sharing the story of Xinwei Schroeder, the founder of "the House of Mephibosheth", who witnessed that God used her when suffering from terminal breast cancer, he calls on Luo to find the blessing that is the secret of the Gospel hidden in misery and appeals the readers to pray the repentance of the believers like Luo Er and their returns.

Translated By: Karen Luo

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