Christian Celebrity Liao Zhi: We Have New Life Only by Focusing on Jesus Christ

By Ruth Wang, April 11, 2017 00:04 AM

Liao Zhi and her new born daughter(Liao Zhi)

"I feel very incredible when I look back to my past life." shared Liao Zhi in her post released in Weibo, a Chinese social media platform, on March 13, 2017.

Describing the makeover of her life before and after her conversion, the Christian celebrity said that her parents also felt her life change.

She claims that she lived a self-centered life before knowing the Lord Jesus Christ and who would hurt anyone around her. But her Christian faith has altered her heart, which does not come in an easy way. During the early days after her conversion, she, who was arrogant and talked in a piercing speech, studied many theological theories but it did not bring about any transformation in her life. Instead, change took place in her heart where she gradually knew and followed Jesus.

"God gave me a gift, my language competence which should be used to bless and edify many people. Unfortunately, I was so stupid at that time that I punctured others with the gift, particularly those who were dull and stubborn with little understanding in faith in my eyes. I liked to lecture and persuade people. There is nothing wrong with telling others correct teachings, but I forgot to ask myself whether I did this with love, discontent or deep pride... It releases a different power with the same word. While the Lord Jesus Christ taught the needy with love and mercy, I tried to change those people with an irritable, disdainful and discontented heart. What was worse is that the purpose to remould them was for me rather than for their benefit."

"Though I read some theological works or Christian books in the past, I didn't comprehend the essence of the books but learned a lot of radical thoughts. The reason lies in the fact that I failed to build my faith on the foundation of Jesus Christ. My faith might come from the enthusiasm for truth, the pursuit of wisdom, hunger for holiness and righteousness or the will to change the world; but, the desire for all good things may turn out to be sword-stabbing others as long as my faith is not built on the life of Jesus Christ. Only Jesus, who is ease to be despised and ignored, seems humble and inferior to those with magnificent philosophy and wisdom. However, it is Him who has changed my life. On the contrary, philosophy which looks profound and more attractive made me an arrogant and furious person without loving life and was unaware of her pride."

Liao Zhi had experienced great misery in her twenties. Buried in the earthquake for 26 hours in 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, the Sichuan dancer lost her daughter and both of her legs. Her former husband divorced her. Shortly two months after the disaster, she performed a volunteer dance for the victims and later shot a microfilm named "Inspiration". Her Christian faith and her testimony have inspired many people. 

Translated by Karen Luo

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