Doctor from Luzhou Gospel Hospital Joins Sri Lanka Flood Rescue

By Yi Yang, June 30, 2017 07:06 AM

Free clinic

Weheragampita raja maha wiharaya

Strong winds and torrential rains struck western and southern Sri Lanka on May 26, marked the country's most serious natural disaster since 2003. The floods resulted in 208 deaths, 92 missing, and 72 injured as of June 2 (local time),  the Disaster Management Center of Sri Lanka said.

According to the Amity Foundation, it sent a disaster relief team and a medical team to support rescue work in the country.

A doctor from Luzhou Gospel Hospital Luxian Branch also joined the ten-day rescue efforts in flood-hit areas of Sri Lanka on June 7, according to the WeChat account of the hospital. Ye Mingjun, president of the branch, and the Amity rescuers headed to the worst affected village. Since some roads were broken, they had to walk five hours to arrive at Gandar agoda east where they offered a free clinic and rescue operation for the locals.

The free clinic was conducted in a local church named Weheragampita raja maha wiharaya that was set up as a temporary aid station and material was distributed. The church's pastor assisted the work as an interpreter between the indigenous language and English. 


The church, Weheragampita raja maha wiharaya, set as a disaster relief spot.
The church, Weheragampita raja maha wiharaya, set as a disaster relief spot.



Translated by Karen Luo

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