More UK Private Schools Attract Chinese Children for Summer Programs

By M. Grace, August 14, 2017 22:08 PM

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Just recently, a report on Monday, August 14 stated that some of the United Kingdom's most celebrated private schools are now offering and even competing in order to attract Chinese children for their summer programs.

As Chinese customers increase, so have their requirements which means more parents of those children are looking for quality courses at a famous school with on-site accommodations. To recall, most Chinese children stayed with host families when they are sent to US for schooling.

Parents now are more than willing to send their children abroad at a younger age. This is a no-brainer as English language skills in China have been improved and endorsed in schools. With this, more parents are considering to enroll their children in specialized summer courses or specific skill-development courses.

"Many young people in China want to ensure that their academic performances are supported by training in the personal qualities that will make them excel in the multinational workplace of the future," Alexander Nikitich, founder of Carfax Education Group said.

"We had a student who has been the national math competition prize winner, and a student with a desire and ability to sing opera," Nikitich added.

According to Nikitich, the demand from Chinese families has increased in recent years that Carfax even opened dedicated Chinese desk last three years ago. This is operated by UK-based Chinese-speaking education consultants and caters to the inquiries of Chinese clients.

Nikitich also revealed that the Chinese participants in the school program mostly come from very rich families from Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai. This year, he also revealed that more Chinese students and participants are also coming from Xiamen, Wuhan and Chengdu.

"Chinese parents, in particular, are very detail focused and require maximum information about the program before they make a decision. Price is not necessarily the key deciding factor, but location, safety, nationality mix and the responsiveness of our staff to answer queries are of vital importance," said Greg Patton, director of sales and marketing at Bell English.

"Summer courses help prepare for study abroad by providing a 'British school life' experience, boosting English levels dramatically, and allowing students to become more culturally aware," William Vanbergen, founder of Shanghai-based BE Education, said. 

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