Christian Blogger Warns Yoga for Bringing 'Demonic Trance'

By M. Grace, February 07, 2018 17:02 PM

Is it okay for a Christian to do yoga?(Pixabay)

Christian blogger Matt Walsh warned believers that yoga is a pagan practice which is designed to bring "demonic trance." The Christian blogger went on saying that those who perform yoga are not bound for hell but he is doubtful that the practice could also lead people to heaven.

"You may perform the moves without consciously seeking the demonic trance they were designed to help you attain, but it would seem you are playing, quite literally, with fire," said Walsh on the Daily Wire.

"I don't think all yoga practitioners go to Hell," he wrote. "But neither do I see how a pagan ritual could ever help someone get to Heaven, and maybe that's reason enough to leave it alone."

Aside from writing the article, Walsh also took to social media and encourage Christians to look for ways to get fit without really participating in Hindu worship. He also slammed those who do not believe about evil spirits and still pretending they believe God.

Is it okay for a Christian to do Yoga?

Walsh received negative criticisms after his comments on yoga. Some even mocked his idea of yoga as a dangerous, evil practice and that The Church of Satan said that the Ouija board started as a fun idea party but people added evil connotations later on.

Christian Broadcasting Network also warned that although yoga practitioners rave about the health benefits of the exercise, Christian should never ignore the true origins of it. According to personality trainer Laurette Willis, the yoga postures were actually offering to 330 million Hindu Gods.

Willis reminded Christians that Romans 12:1-2 commands them to offer their bodies to the Lord as "a living sacrifice," and that Acts 15:29 tells them not to offer anything to idols. She said performing the yoga postures was "scary" because it was tantamount to doing what the Scripture prohibits, Christian Daily reports.

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