Reasons You Should Turn Off Your TV and Mobile Before You Sleep

By M. Grace, March 06, 2018 03:03 AM

This is what happens to your brain and body when you on your TV and fall asleep(pixabay)

There are still a lot of people who watch TV until they fall asleep. Several people may wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom but they still let the TV on maybe because they are afraid of the dark or they just want to have at least some distractions to keep those negative things on their head.

However, this practice is reported to be not healthy. According to a sleep coach named Chris Brantner, the artificial light emanating from the TV screen messes with your quality of sleep. That is the reason why even though we slept for seven to eight hours each night, we do not feel much well-rested.

This light, according to Brantner, coming from the TV hinders the melatonin production in our brain. Melatonin is the hormone which controls our sleep. On top of that, watching TV in the dark makes the pupila dilate and exposing our eyes from the harsh light.

Health experts also advice everyone to also lessen their habits of scrolling through social media minutes before sleeping. In order to feel the benefits of sleeping, experts advice yoga , meditation or trying out white noise machine to help you sleep.

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