Hainan to Create National Park in South China Sea

By M. Grace, March 08, 2018 22:03 PM

China has reportedly said that South China Sea is one of the world's freest shipping lanes.(Pixabay)

After turning South China Sea into a reef of artificial islands filled with missiles and soldiers, China is reportedly considering proposals to create a national marine park in the disputed body of water in order to preserve the marine ecology of the region.

Hainan's officials voiced out their plan at the National People's Congress in Beijing declaring that China has always prioritized the protection of South China sea's rich and unique resources.

"A national park in the region can improve people's awareness of the region's importance, and the South China Sea should be a textbook for marine protection in China," added Wang Changren, the party chief of the Hainan Tropical Ocean University in Sanya.

Wang also added that the other countries holding claims into the disputed body of water ought to reach an agreement to protect the marine ecology.

It can be recalled that China wanted to have "Green Project" on the said reefs.

"Once China's construction activities are completed, ecological environmental protection on relevant islands and reefs will be notably enhanced and such action stands the test of time," declared Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei in 2016.

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