China to Revise Criminal Law to Assist Anti-Graft Commission

By Mei Manuel, March 13, 2018 00:03 AM


On Monday, one of China's top lawmakers shared that China will be revising its criminal law to introduce a new anti-graft commission after several legal scholars argue that a new law would put suspects of the commission at risk to human rights abuses.

According to Wang Shenming, vice-chair of the judicial affairs committees of parliament, the standing committee of the parliament would be starting with the revisions of the criminal procedure law after the passing the new supervision law this week.

However, the new law is under scrutiny after several rights groups stressed that it would only present a false image of legality. They also added that the suspects would still be at risk to torture and other human rights abuses that was already prominent in the old system.

The reform of the new law is a part of President Xi Jinping's multi-year war on graft, which he said will continue until all officials from all levels are "locked inside a cage" to stop corruption.

Wang said, "Only by doing this [passing the law and the revisions to the criminal law] can there be harmony and unity between the laws."

He also added that the power of the Chinese prosecutor under the new commission and if it will still retain their investigative powers will be determined once the changes are set.

Aside from the revision fo the new laws President Xi aims to also reform the detention system as part of his campaign and the establishment of the new supervision commission.

However, it remains to be seen if the revised criminal law and the new supervision law would be accepted. Many are still concerned whether the changes will be enough to protect suspects and improve requirements for evidences that will be used in cases. Currently, the supervision law draft does to have protections for suspects, including access to lawyers.

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