Trending: Chinese Netizens In Awe After Ukrainian Bride Weds Shanxi Guy

By M. Grace, March 14, 2018 16:03 PM

Trending, Chinese Netizens, Ukrainian Bride , Shanxi Guy(Weibo)

Most of the Chinese male netizens could not hide their jealousy after a cross-cultural romance recently resulted in a marriage of a beautiful woman from Ukraine and a guy from Shanxi province.

Inesa, working as a translator in Beijing, said that she met He Pingwei in January of 2016 and immediately attracted to his kind heart. Meanwhile, He fell in love with Inesa's positive persomality.

The two fell in love and began traveling around together. On October 2017, the two decided to receive their marriage certificates.

Their official wedding took place on Friday, March 9 in the Yangcheng county. Attended by He and Inesa's family and friends, the event was apparently the talk of the town.

Reports also claim that the bride's side did not aske for a penny in bethrotal gifts.

"Ukrainian brides are the world's best. Beautiful and cheap!" joked one envious netizen.

More netizens also threw negative comments at the guy saying he was just too ugly for the woman. Despite receiving criticism, the couple remained positive and even shared their beautiful wedding pictures online.




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