Trending: Netizens Dubbed Chinese Weather Reporter as an "Ageless Goddess" Because of Her Youthful Appearance

By M. Grace, March 14, 2018 16:03 PM

Yang Dan before and after

A lot may change for 22 years but Chinese netizens claimed at least one thing remained the same.

A famous CCTV weather reporter named Yang Dan has been dubbed as "ageless goddess" by the netizens because they claimed that she did not age at all even though 22 years had passed.

The photos circulated first online when CCTV posted a video on its social media showing Yang's transformation over the years. The clip has caused the netizens to be in awe of her ageless beauty.

"I grew up watching her broadcasts. I'm now old. How has she not changed a bit?" wondered one web user.

It is not yet clear what Yang's secret to her youthful look is: whether she has discovered the fabled Fountain of Youth, took anti-aging elixir or she is simply a vampire. Netizens said they will look at it and check back with her in 2040.

The photo below is Yang Dan in 1996 (left) and in 2018 (right):



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