Public Schools Can Be Fixed with Prayer and Bible, Kansas Lawmaker Says

By M. Grace, April 13, 2018 02:04 AM

Praying student(pixabay)

A lawmaker from Kansas suggested what will help improve the public school system.

According to Republican Representative Randy Garber during his privilege speech on school funding bill deliberations on Saturday, April 7, the solution to refining the public schools lies in Bible readings and prayers.

Lawmakers in Kansas have been reportedly debating over the increase of school funding. In October last year, Kansas Supreme Court ruled out that the $400 million funding for the schools was short and inadequate so they proposed to increase it to $500 million.

"I say the way to fix our schools is to put prayer and the Bible back in and give it a chance," Garber said.

Garber said that the problems in society and education could be attributed to the absences of spiritual exercises and prayers in schools. He also cited that the SAT scores dropped down when the state-sponsored prayers were disallowed since 1963. He continued citing that ever since prayers were banned, unwed young women, sexually transmitted diseases, aggravated assault and abortion increased.

However, education lobbyist Mark Desetti of the Kansan National education Association disagreed with Garber and expressed disappointment.

"The idea that suddenly if kids are praying, or if kids are under orders to pray, that it's going to solve everything - that's just the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard," Desetti said.

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