China's Nuclear Tech University Coming Soon

By M. Grace, June 25, 2018 22:06 PM

Nuclear Plant(Pixabay)

China is planning to build a university focusing on nuclear technology research to meet the demands of China's nuclear industry.

China National Nuclear Corp or CNNC, one of Beijing's largest nuclear companies, rached an agreement with the municipal government of Tianjin to join and invest in the nuclear technology university in Tianjin.

"The university will focus on establishing the vocational education system, accelerating research, as well as upgrading school equipment," said He Zixing, vice-president of CNNC.

"We will first focus on building the vocational education system, promoting research capability, remodel of the campus facilities as well as recruiting teachers staff," he added.

"China has many nuclear power projects and will continue to develop, which has led to a severe shortage of nuclear talent in power plant design, engineering construction, operations and security control," Wang Yinan, a researcher at the State Council's Development Research Center, said.

Currently, China is seeing strong development in the nuclear power industry, which led to the shortage of nuclear talent.

If the construction begins, the university will be China's first higher education institute dedicated to the research and development in nuclear technologies. Report also states that 3 billion yuan or US$461 million could be used into the project but they said that the figures have not been verified.

CNNC will also reportedly invest in a new high-end industrial development base in Tianjin, promoting the industrial restructuring of the city.

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