Is Google Working on a Censored Search Engine for China?

By M. Grace, August 06, 2018 23:08 PM


US media reports say that Google is working on a mobile search app that will block certain search terms in China.

It can be recalled that Google exited China eight years ago due to hacking and censorship.

The California-based tech giant has engineers designing the software that will leave out blacklisted words or search terms by the Chinese government as per New York Times.

The Intercept news website reported the story saying that the Chinese app was being tailored for Google-backed Android operating system for cellphones. The service was also reportedly shown to Chinese officials. However, Google did not comment on the report.

There is no guarantee that Google can come back to China but Chinese human rights community said that Google acquiescing to the Chinese censorship will be the "dark days for internet freedom."

"It is impossible to see how such a move is compatible with Google's 'Do the right thing' motto, and we are calling on the company to change course," said Patrick Poon, China Researcher at Amnesty International.

"For the world's biggest search engine to adopt such extreme measures would be a gross attack on freedom of information and internet freedom. In putting profits before human rights, Google would be setting a chilling precedent and handing the Chinese government a victory," he added.

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