Killer Heatwave to Sweep China By 2070

By M. Grace, August 06, 2018 22:08 PM

A Wave Pool in China During a Heat Wave(screenshot)

According to a report, 400 million Chinese will soon start to find refuge in the south as a heatwave could kill them by 2070.  

Science journal "Nature Communications" published a report this week regarding the details of the possible effect of climate change on China's great North Plain, which include Tianjin and Beijing. The two megacities are once fertile lands but have become the most densely inhabited places on Earth.

"This spot is going to be the hottest spot for deadly heatwaves in the future, especially under climate change," warned lead author MIT professor Elfatih Eltahir.

The kind of heatwaves predicted by the data are reported to be the worst on Earth that even in the shade, the humidity and ambient heat could end up killing humans within six hours.

"If the wet bulb temperature exceeds the human body's skin temperature of 35C, perspiration no longer works as a cooling mechanism," Seaver College of Science and Engineering Professor Jeremy Pal said. "The body will quickly overheat, resulting in death."

As per the history, northern China have experience more intense and more frequent heatwaves since 1970 and on 1990, the frequency for heatwaves have exploded.

Extreme heatwaves have begun occurring for periods up to 50 days according to studies. One example in Shanghai, a record breaker of heatwave for after 141 years recorded in 2013 had occurred and dozens had died.

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