State Media Welcomes Google Back to China But Said It Must Observe Law

By Michelle Guanzon, August 10, 2018 00:08 AM


People's Daily, China's state media, posted on Monday, August 6, a commentary on its Facebook and Twitter accounts welcoming the US internet giant Google back to the mainland China but stipulated that it should comply with local laws.

People's Daily said that Google's decision to exit the Chinese market was a "huge blunder which resulted in the company missing golden chances in the mainland's internet development" and added that"Google is welcome to return to the mainland, but it's a prerequisite that it must comply with the requirements of the law".

Recently, Google has been reported to be working on a filtered search engine in China after eight years of its absence from the country. Although Chines regulators will still need to approve it, Google is reportedly gearing up for its China comeback as per South China Morning Post.

It can be recalled that Google left China's market in 2010, closing down its search engine, Google Maps and Gmail when the company said that some Chinese human-rights activists experienced cyberattack and were hacked.

"During Google's absence over the past eight years, the internet landscape in the mainland has changed rapidly and the number of mobile internet users has more than doubled, increasing from 303 million in 2010 to 753 million today," a commentary stated.

However, Chinese media outlets have quoted regulators saying that officials  have denied the possibility of Google's core search engine business in China.




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