Priest Calls for 'Decency Tax' on Revealing Bridal Gowns

By Mei Manuel, September 06, 2018 22:09 PM


One Italian priest is making a buzz online this week as he is proposing a 'decency tax' on brides who would be wearing plunging necklines and other revealing gowns for their wedding gowns.

Father Cristiano Bobbo from Oriago believes that these revealing dresses are inappropriate for the church and those who display a lot of flesh should be fined for it.

In his message to his parishioners, the priest said 'We could set up a sort of offering to be levied in proportion to the decency of the dress of the bride, who often present themselves looking coarse and vulgar, so the least dressed pay the most.'
While he admits that the remark was a jest, he was serious with his proposal according to the report of the Daily Telegraph.

Netizens, however, are divided about his proposal. Some said the priest was too outdated and one man even said out on Twitter:

'It feels like we're going back to the 1940s when there were loads of taboos in place. Does a low neckline really still cause a stir?'

Others expressed support for the proposal view with a comment on an Italian news website saying: 'Finally, a bit of common sense. If people want to turn up in church semi-naked, why are they getting married in church?'


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