UN Says Ozone Hole is Gradually Closing

By M. Grace, November 07, 2018 23:11 PM

ozone layer(pexels)

According to a new United Nations report on November 7, Wednesday, the Earth's ozone layer, which protects life from the harmful ultraviolet radiation, is "gradually healing."

Climate change experts said that the Antarctic ozone hole is now expected to close, returning to 80s levels by 2060. Ozone levels in the Northern Hemisphere will also reportedly return to 80s values by 2030 while the Southern Hemisphere will normalize by 2050.

To recall, ozone holes were discovered in the 80s and scientists have said tat CFCs or chlorofluorocarbons are the reason for the depletion of the protective Earth's layer. In 1987, UN Environment Programme adopted the Montreal Protocol which bans the use of substances with CFCs.

Erik Solheim, head of UN Environment said the Montreal Protocol, is "one of the most successful multilateral agreements in history."

"The careful mix of authoritative science and collaborative action that has defined the Protocol for more than 30 years and was set to heal our ozone layer is precisely why the Kigali Amendment holds such promise for climate action in future," he said.

CNN reported that the Kigali Amendment will revise the Montreal Protocol and will mandate the search for HFCs or hydrofluorocarbons, these substances are "present in refrigerants and cooling appliances are a form of greenhouse gas that trap sunlight in the earth's atmosphere."

If this will be ratified next year, Earth may avoid a 0.2 to 0.4 degree celcius increase in global temperature.



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