F4's Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu Sings 'Meteor Rain' In Ken Chu's Wedding, Video Here!

By Michelle Guanzon, September 07, 2016 09:09 AM

3 members of F4 singing "Meteor Rain"(Ken Chu International Fans Club (KCIFC) Thailand)

This will give you major "throwback" feels.

F4's Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu sings the iconic song "Meteor Rain" after Ken Chu's wedding to Chinese actress Han Wenwen.

Not only did 3 of the F4 members reunite during Ken Chu's wedding over the weekend but they also gave the guests a trip down memory lane.

At Ken and actress Han Wenwen's wedding reception, Ken, Van Ness Wu, and Jerry Yan sang "Meteor Rain," the title track of their 2001 album, reports claimed.

Videos of their performance surfaced on the social media where the three is seen raising their glasses and singing their hearts out to the cheering crowd.

The 4th member of the band, Vic Chou is reported to be not around as his wife Reen Yu, had just given birth.

The group's former leader, Jerry Yan, is now the only bachelor among its members. Wu got married in 2013 while Chou tied the knot with long-time girlfriend Reen Yu last November.


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