Jackie Chan wins Oscars award for the first time

By Michelle Guanzon, November 17, 2016 10:11 AM

Jackie Chan(DramaFever.com)

Jackie Chan finally got his Oscars awards as honorary Academy Award at the Eighth Annual Governors Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

This is Chan's first time to received that award after his decades-long career.

Tom Hanks, who co-presented Chan's award with Michelle Yeoh and Chris Tucker, co-stars from some of his previous movies, spoke briefly about how the Rush Hour star's action and comedy-oriented films aren't usually the ones that get the Academy's attention.

The Governors awards are given to reconize an academy with unique achievements across an artist's whole body of work knowing that Jackie Chan puts Chan on Chan-Tastic that worked in martial art films action comedies.

Chan recently revealed that his dad asked him when he will get that kind of award knowing that he receives so many movie awards. Then Chan explain to his father that he only make comedy actions. but he only make comedy actions he explained.

Yet after decades in the film industry making over 200 films he finally got his award.

Jackie Chan thanked Hong Kong for being such an incredible City who mold him and so proud of being Chinese. He also thank the Hollywood for teaching him so many things.

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