Barbie Hsu Reveals She Hated San Cai in 'Meteor Garden'

By M. Grace, April 30, 2018 15:04 PM

Barbie Hsu as Shan Cai(screenshot)

The 2001 famous idol drama "Meteor Garden" was considered as a phenomenal series back then and still continues to be one of the most loved TV series in Asia, even after almost two decades since it has first aired.

Information about the series have been continually dropped, with the latest being lead actress Barbie Hsu admitting she used to hate her character, Shan Cai.

The actress posted on Weibo explaining why she hated her character.

"Yes, I admit, when I first got the role of Shan Cai, I told the director, 'Shan Cai is such a terrible person! I hate her, I don't know how to portray this role.' The director talked to me for a long time, telling me that she was young and naive about love, and just an ordinary girl who was suddenly showered with love from two handsome guys, so it was unavoidable that she would act a little out of the ordinary... In any case, I didn't like Shan Cai halfway through filming, but I still tried my best to portray her in a way that would make audiences not hate her too much! Those days, the audience was very pure, so they let her off the hook easily." 

In response, Rainie Yang also updated her Weibo with the sreenshots of herself in the famous Taiwanese series and said, "I remember when I auditioned for Meteor Garden, I tried out three roles before I was picked to play Li Zhen. I still remember my first day of work. I waited for a really long time - even until the sky turned dark - and it was finally my turn to film! (...) The crew was standing together talking softly, and I felt like something bad was going to happen. They asked my then-manager if I could accept taking on a different role (...) They said that if I could do it, I should memorise Xiao You's lines."

"Wherever I went, everyone would call me by my character Xiao You's name, and nobody knew what my real name was. But I was really happy, because I was called by this name for a few years, even after filming ended," she further added.

Meanwhile, "Meteor Garden"s reboot this year will be starring Shen Yue, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Connor Leong and Caesar Wu. Barbie Hsu also posted on her Instagram account to support for the new reboot of the series. 

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