Friday, December 1st, 2023
October 2023

The Jakarta 2023 Global Convention on Christian Faith

After the pandemic, the Jakarta 2023 Global Convention on Christian Faith was held in person in Jakarta, Indonesia, featuring the theme "The Eschatological Reign of Christ Over All Nations," attracting more than 2,000 people from 19 countries. Hosted by the Reformed Evangelical Movement International and Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International (STEMI), founded by the Indonesian-Chinese pastor Stephen Tong, this conference, specially convened for Chinese Christians, aimed to encourage Christians to trust in Christ's sovereignty over all nations through serial plenaries given by global leaders, workshops, and daily worship and prayer.
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September 2023

The Holy Spirit and the Chinese Church

It is known that Pentecostal churches account for a large percentage of churches in China. Rural areas in central China had seen a rise of Pentecostalism in the late 1980s and 1990s: the sick were healed, signs and miracles were performed, and believers eagerly prayed for the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit and experienced visions, speaking in tongues, and spiritual dancing. People bravely shared the gospel and their testimonies with others. Then the work of the Holy Spirit moved to cities in this century, where professionals released their pressure through modern worship, prayer, and passionate preaching. However, extreme heresies also came into China to spread false teachings and disturb churches in China. This month, we selected four articles about four Spirit-empowered pastors who speak out their voices about the work of the Holy Spirit inside churches and in their own lives.
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August 2023

Christians Aid Flooding in China

Last month, a series of typhoons ravaged different parts of China in a row, causing deaths, hundreds of thousands of people to be evacuated, and damage to homes and agricultural lands. In the face of this crisis, churches, Christians, and faith-based organizations stepped forward with tangible assistance, financial support, and prayers for those who were affected, engaging in acts of social service. As beacons of salt and light in their communities, believers exemplified their love and compassion for those in distress. In this collection, we have selected four articles to give you a glimpse into their efforts and contributions in response to the catastrophic floods.
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July 2023

Every Family Is a Small Church

Family is the basic unit of society and also its foundation. During the pandemic, many Christians worshiped at home and started family worship, which contributed to closer relationships and connections. Three Chinese pastors all believe that every family is a small church, so an integral part of ministry lies in the family. Fine-tuned ministry to the family can be a good way to put the truth into practice and consolidate the church. Meanwhile, single mothers and single Christians are two important issues worthy of attention. The church is doing and can do more to help the groups overcome difficulties.
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June 2023

Reflections on Theological Education

As we enter June, the season of graduation, hundreds of seminary students have graduated from seminaries, Bible schools, and theological training centers. In recent years, theological education in China has been in full swing, but it has encountered problems and issues. Three pastors talk about the impact of theology on churches and the lives of believers from their perspectives. A theologian calls the church to transform to the missional church, which will evitably lead to theological transformation.
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May 2023

Churches in Mainland China Resume Cross-border, International Exchanges

Since January 8, China has reopened its borders to international visitors for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out three years ago. About two months later, the cross-border control measure was removed: foreign offices could apply for Chinese visas, and tour groups from Hong Kong and Macau regained visa-free entry. Registered churches in mainland China have received delegations from the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau. This month, CCC&TSPM sent a delegation of 24 people to Hong Kong to co-host a symposium on the sinicization of Christianity in Hong Kong in cooperation with the Hong Kong Christian Council. Cross-border and international exchanges are resuming this year.
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April 2023

China's Efforts to Advance Sinicization of Christianity

On March 28, 2018, CCC&TSPM announced a declaration entitled "Sinicization of Christianity" and "Principle for Promoting Chinese Christianity in China for the Next Five Years." The contextualization of the Christianity in China campaign has contributed to different efforts: lectures, academic seminars, training courses, experience exchange meetings, and Chinese art and history exhibits. This month, we selected four articles to give you a glimpse of recent work during the campaign.
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March 2023

Praise and Worship Ministries in China

Worship & praise are considered one of the most important church ministries in China. This month we selected four new and old articles about music worship to give you a glimpse of the ministry in China. Some workers claim that the worship part just serves for the proclamation of the word of God afterward, and worship ministry has been greatly impacted by the Southeastern Asian style, which highlights "singing with the heart" rather than techniques. A music producer holds that it will take two generations for Chinese worship to really rise as young people embrace a better music environment and higher education. "Hip-hop," a controversial issue in the church, was once hotly debated among the Christian community after being used in an evangelistic music meeting to reach millennials.
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February 2023

Revive the Spirit: China Churches Hold Retreats

Chinese people seem to have two new years. While joining the world to celebrate New Year's Day on January 1, people across China embrace the Chinese New Year, which usually falls in late January and early February. After spending the most important weekly holiday in China with their families and friends, Chinese people gradually resume their daily work and lives. As China has been de-escalating COVID-19 restrictions, many churches hold retreats or gatherings to revive the spirituality of the staff and the congregation after shifting from closure to reopening during the past three years. Attendance is not as expected, but some do not lose hope as the church will recover with the regular resumption of church ministries.
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January 2023

Raise the Next Generation of Church Leaders

Amongst groups of Chinese pastors, the most discussed topics are how to increase the membership, how to multiply the number of meeting points, and pastors' feelings and reflections on the objective environment. But few pastors have had a deep, collective discussion on how the church is cultivating the "new generation of successors." In this monthly newsletter, we choose a few of these interviews, in which different pastors talk about how to raise the next generation of church leaders.
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