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Sign Language Church for the Deaf Offers Anniversary and Thanksgiving Worship, Shandong

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ByLi Mubo October 22, 2015
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On Oct. 18,a Sign Language Church for the deaf in Yantai, Shandong, offered the 13th Anniversary of Foundation and Thanksgiving Worship. 

Over 80 people attended it. The brothers and sisters listened to God’s Word together and performed bible play,  comedy sketches, rhythm and games.

God's word in the sermon they heard was in Luke Chapter 5 Verse 1-11, recording Jesus calls the Apostles. Later deaf elderly people directed and acted in the bible story Forever Love wrote by themselves. Two deaf grannies performed humorous comedy sketches Reflection, and some young deaf people danced the rhythm Not loving the World and Following the Cross combined with some aunts' dance.

After the shows, there came a creative hand painting competition based on Bible story, in which every group united to finish the game task in the guide of the Holy Spirit.

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