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Churches across China Celebrate Christmas

  • Beijing Gangwashi Church: the chorus presented hymns.
  • Migrant workers in Shanghai: Christian couples sang songs.
  • Migrant workers in Shanghai: Christians performed fan dances.
  • Suzhou Dushu Lake Church: children danced with the hymn "/>
  • Hangzhou Sicheng Church: colorful lights decorated the courtyard.
  • Hangzhou Sicheng Church:the choir sang hymns.
  • Hunan Maojia Church: three brothers gave an allegro show.
  • Liaoning Lvhuajie Church:five believers read poems.
  • Gospel Church in Mianyang, Sichuan:
  • Migrant workers in Suzhou: a biblical play was to honor two Chinese preachers killed in Pakistan.
  • Qibao Abundance Church in Shanghai:Christian families performed a rhythm dance.
  • Qibao Abundance Church in Shanghai:about 50 people decided to accept Jesus in the calling part.
ByKaren Luo December 29, 2017
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On 2017 Christmas Eve and Christmas, the churches in China celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ along with the rest of the world.

Churches across China held various parties and activities including worship, hymns, dances, biblical plays, allegros, choruses, and recitation. Even newcomers felt moved to follow Jesus in the celebrations.

Here are some photos shared by Chinese believers.

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