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Churches across China Celebrate Christmas

  • Beijing Gangwashi Church: the chorus presented hymns.
  • Migrant workers in Shanghai: Christian couples sang songs.
  • Migrant workers in Shanghai: Christians performed fan dances.
  • Suzhou Dushu Lake Church: children danced with the hymn "/>
  • Hangzhou Sicheng Church: colorful lights decorated the courtyard.
  • Hangzhou Sicheng Church:the choir sang hymns.
  • Hunan Maojia Church: three brothers gave an allegro show.
  • Liaoning Lvhuajie Church:five believers read poems.
  • Gospel Church in Mianyang, Sichuan:
  • Migrant workers in Suzhou: a biblical play was to honor two Chinese preachers killed in Pakistan.
  • Qibao Abundance Church in Shanghai:Christian families performed a rhythm dance.
  • Qibao Abundance Church in Shanghai:about 50 people decided to accept Jesus in the calling part.
ByKaren Luo December 29, 2017
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