Topic: 100 Anni of Samuel Pollard

Pastor Samuel Pollard Brings Hope to the Miao People, Chinese Scholar says

Professor Tao Shaohu started with this statement: "Pastor Samuel Pollard passed away 100 ago. He has achieved, in ten years, what Miao people never did for thousands of years in Miao District.As he lay dying, he said a broken prayer, 'Have mercy on us Miao.' then he left us."

Lessons from the Life of Samuel Pollard

It is easy for the church to lose sight of her purpose in the face of today’s challenges. During a recent commemoration of Samuel Pollard, a missionary whose life dramatically impacted large pockets of southern Yunnan, a Pastor of Kunming preached on the nature of the church and the calling we must not lose sight of.

British Missionary Keith Parsons, Son of Samuel Pollard's Co-Worker, Dies at Ages 99

Shimenkan Church held a special memorial service for Reverend Keith Parsons who served the Miao people and passed away on Oct. 12. Rev. Keith Parsons had a close connection with the Miao churches. His father, Reverend Harry Parsons was one of those earliest to start the churches of Miao and worked with Samuel Pollard, a man who had profound influence in the Miao churches.

Shimenkan Christian Member Shares: Go Back to the Nature of Man and Education

On the Academic Seminar on Samuel Pollard's Education Philosophy, many famous scholars, professors, etc., were in attendance. However, there are those who are not as popular but quietly serve and support the Shimen speech of ordinary Christians. Althouh their stories may be simple, they are still touching.

Modern Scholar Talks of Samuel Pollard and the Christianity Educational Concept of Self-discovery & Self-realization

The "Academic Seminar on Samuel Pollard's Education Philosophy" was held in Beijing on October 17-18. The political scientist among Chinese younger generation and a researcher at the Institute of Chinese Culture of the Ministry of Culture, Liu Junning, used the topic, "Find Ourselves and Realize Ourselves: Samuel Pollard with Christianity education concept " to share his thought.

Church Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony of Reconstruction after Quake in Zhaotong, Yunnan

On February 27, the Gospel Church of Zhaotong held a groundbreaking ceremony of church building reconstruction after 2014 Ludian earthquake. Over one hundred local believers from counties like Yiliang, Yongshan, Zhaoyang and Guizhou City attended it.

Descendants of Samuel Pollard Visits Miao People in Guizhou

A lecture named “Shimenkan Connection--Memories and Stories, A Dialogue Across A Century” is held in Guiyang, Guizhou, Jul. 26th. Two special guest are: Steve Pollard and Black Pollard, grandson and great-grandson of Samuel Pollard, the famous missionary devoted to the Miao People in China in last century.

In Pictures: Descendants of Samuel Pollard with the Miao People

Steve and Blake, the grandson and great-grandson of Samuel Pollard, the well-known English Missionary to the Miao People in WS China’s Guizhou Province, visited the Miao people Samuel Pollard once lived with.

A Primary School to Expand, Built by Missonary Sam Pollard in Yunnan Border Town

A primary school, founded by British Missionary Samuel Pollard, in boarder town of Yunan, is to expand.