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Copying Scripture in Jail, Casino Casino Tycoon Converted into a Preacher

He started using drugs when he was a junior high school student, became a gambling gaming tycoon at the age of 18, and got arrested in prison because of drug use at 20. He became a Christian when he was copying the Bible in prison.

Graceful Testimony Of A Chinese Christian: Dedicating All My Life to Repay God’s Love

Over twenty years old, Sister Yang serves as a leader of a fellowship group comprising of nearly 20 catechists in a church of Changchun. When came to the interview, she felt quite happy, stopped what she was doing and started to tell us her journey of faith.

Chinese Famous Writer Ran Yunfei Converts to Christianity

Famous writer Ran Yunfei has converted to Christianity recently. Being a famous public intellectual, the topic became a point of discussion to many Christians and non-Christians. Many Christians thanked God for His grace, while non-Christians were shocked.

A Post-90 Preacher’s Testimony: God Lead Me to Walk Away from Suicide

Sister Ma, one of the post-90s generation, though followed her mother's belief since she was young, describes herself as a lost lamb.She even considered suicide. But now she is a preacher in a church in Beijing. She shared her touching testimony with CCD.

58-Y-O Sister’s Testimony: Can’t Sleep Without Reading 10 Chapters of the Bible Every Day

58-y-o Sister Zhai Sue began her journey of faith eight years ago. She testifies that God guides her through his Word, changing a woman who feels headaches while reading the Bible into a newborn believer who must read ten chapters before turning in.

Life Testimony: Founding Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center,Drug Addict converts to Christianity and Serve Junkies(Part 1)

Christian Life TestimonyFounder of Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center,Drug Addictor converts to Serving Drug Addicts.

Guangdong Christian Business Fellowship Celebrates its Foundation,Korean Pastor Shares Testimony to Encourage Chinese Believers

To celebrate the 8th anniversary of its Christian Business Fellowship, Guangdong Union Church held a three-day retreat from Nov. 13 to 15. Two pastors from Yoido Full Gospel Church (Korean) and Pastor Enoch Lin of Hong Kong are invited to be the guest speakers.

Witness: Two Pastors' Experiences and Triumphs of Belief

A pastor from the Full Gospel Church was invited to Guangdong, China. He talked about of Cho Yong-gi's experience, the founder of the Full Gospel Church, and witnessed how to rely on faith to overcome the pain of his father's death.

A Testimony from A Post-90s Preacher:God Loves Me So Much, I Want To Love Him Back

Sister Yang, who taks charge of a fellowship of a church in Changchun City and shepherding near 20 new believers in her early 20s, accepted the request for interview and began to talk about her faith story.

Life Testimony: Founding Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, Drug Addict converts to Christianity and Serve Junkies(Part 2)

With only 120 yuan and faith, his family founded "Faith Hope Love Family", a non-profit free Christian Drug Rehab Center where they have everything in common.Moreover, Li with his staff started building a house church for the drug addicts in Jan. 2, 2015.