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Goodbye Blackboard, 67-Year-Old Presbyterian Uses Laptop to Give Sermons

In some village churches in Hebei Province, the main tools for sermons are still blackboards and chalk. When seeing young co-workers use laptops and PPT to preach, Ji Zhichang, a presbyterian over the age of sixty, got an idea of learning how to use computers. Now he has used computers to give sermons for five years.

Pastor: Serve God on High Standards

These Scriptures mention the word "perfect." They do not use a general narrative tone but a requestive and ordering tone. “Perfect” is that the disciples eager for hope, standard and realm of the higher spiritual life.

Four Encouragement to New Ministers at Ordination

Liao‘Ning welcomes new pastors and elders at an ordination on July 8. the chairman of the provincial CCC, gave the new pastors and elders four advises they should take into consideration and serve as their guide in their ministry.

Chinese Megachurch Pastor Arrested

Persecution watchdog China Aid has reported that a Chinese megapastor has been detained on charges of embezzling funds.