Topic: Christian Philanthropy

We go farther only when joint--A pastor talks of Christian Philanthropy

The tradition that Christianity engages in philanthropy has a long history. However, it is not an easy thing to glorify God and edify people.

Chinese Christian Ink Wash Painting Exhibition Being Held in Shantou, Guangdong

The Christian ink wash painting exhibition entitled, "Vision and Context" by Daozi(Christian artist) is being held in Shantou University. During the opening ceremony held on Nov. 20, Daozi gave a speech on the enculturation and contextualization of Chinese Christian art.

The Four Advantages Religious Philanthropy Has in China, Says a Professor

Chen Youhua, the professor of School of Social and Behavioral Sciences of Nanjing University, says that there are four advantages of carrying out philanthropy in the religious world in China.

Founding A Fund to Help AIDS Patients is Just The Beginning, Says A Christian Writer

Bian Bingbin, shares that the fund is just a beginning and he hopes to make it a goal in which Christians walk into the society. "Christians will do greater things, walk the way as Jesus did and get united to live the model of love in families and communities." He says.

Five Problems in China’s Religious Philanthropy, Says Professor

Chen Youhua shares the five problems existing in philanthropy: small in scale and the low level of participation,lack of internal power and persistence,unstandardized activities,wrong motives, management in disorder.

Eight Reasons Why the Overall Level of Religious Philanthropy in China is Low

Chen Youhua, the professor of School of Social and Behavioral Sciences of Nanjing University, talks about the eight reasons that causes problems in religious philanthropy in China.

The Secretary of the Amity Foundation Wins “2015 Responsible China Annual Tribute Award ”

The award ceremony of "Responsible China" 2015 , after for six terms since the creation in 2014, was held in Shenzhen on Dec.12th. Qiu Zhonghui, the vice president and secretary of the Amity Foundation won the "Annual Tribute Award".

Religious Groups Propose Poverty Helping Activity

China's five officially sanctioned religious organizations recently co-signed the Poverty Helping Activity of Religious Circles Joint Proposal.

Chinese Christians Lend Helping hands on Christmas Eve

In the evening of Dec. 24, besides worshipping in churches, some Christians in Shenzhen, Kunming and Chengdu spent a different Christmas Eve. They left church and joined special groups, caring others' need.

Great attempt! Church Invites Sanitation Workers to Be Guests at the Christmas Party, Wenzhou

Nowadays, Chinese churches are exploring how to care grass-root groups better. It’s a good try for YangAo Church to give honor and care to sanitation workers.