Topic: Zhejiang cross-removal

Handan Church Leader Talked About the four Current Situations of Local Churches

Pastor Yuwen Liu is the representative of the Three Self Patriotic Movement and the China Christian Council in Handan. He talked about the four current situations of Handan churches: the concept of "the poorer the more spiritual" does not suitable any more; cults cannot take root; the contents of the choir is becoming rich and colorful; the village churches need more pastoral staffs.

Hohhot City Holds 2014 Ordination Ceremony

On April 13, 2014, twelve pastoral staffs were ordained as pastors at the ordination ceremony held at South Street Christian Church, Xincheng, Hohhot city by the Three Self Patriotic Movement and the China Christian Council of Hohhot city. This ordination ceremony is the largest one in Hohhot city since 2004.

Wenzhou Pastor was released after serving a full term of 1year's imprisonment

Pastor Yizi Huang in Wenzhou was released after serving a full term of 1 year's imprisonment on 1st August.

Well-Known Religion Scholar He Guanghu: Recommendation On Correcting "Cross Removing" Campaign in Zhejiang

Zhejiang Province in February last year began to dismantle the "illegal construction." It has been developed to specifically demolish church cross.

“Zhejiang Theological Seminary’s Research and Practice Education Base ” set up in Wenzhou

The unveiling ceremony of "Zhejiang Theological Seminary's Research and Practice Education Base" held in Wenzhou Liushi Church.The base is designed to build an interactive platform between the seminary and the church.

“Find Back the Lost Hope in God”, Says Chongyi Church Pastor after Senior Pastor's Removal

"We intended to say happy new year to brothers and sisters, while many of you may be not happy, especially this year. But our hearts should be peaceful, Amen!" says Rev. Huang on the Sunday service of Chongyi Church on February 7, whose former senior pastor, Gu Yuese was removed recently.