Topic: Urban Church

Beijing Shepherd Tells: Faith in Life is True Faith

"Religion that can be testified in real l life is true faith," shared by Beijing Pastor Zhang Bin recently in a Jiamei worship party. He enouraged people to do the things on their identity.

Pastor Shares Twelve Love Languages and its Seven Mottos

Pastor Xiao thinks, "love" is easy to say, but difficult to live out. "Love needs expressing," Xiao points out that Chinese people often do not know how to express love. He advised believers to learn the twelve love language and its seven mottos.

Pastor Shares the Sacrifice of Issac in church's Yearly Retreat

From Nov. 9 to 11, Ziyoulu(meaning: road of freedom) Church of Kaifeng held its yearly autumn retreat in the new church building. Teacher Jin Fuchang of an evangelistic association of Henan Province was invited to be the guest speaker.

Chinese Pastors’ Fellowship Focuses on Challenges of Urban Church Development, 2015 HK Conference

The "Hong Kong Conference of the Chinese Pastors' Fellowship (CPF)" was held in Hong Kong from Nov. 2 to 6. The conference proposed three major core values of building churches: the vision of the Kingdom networking, the missions of evangelism and cultural mandate, and the three streams of Christian traditions.

A New Church To be Planted in Shanghai Free-Trade Zone

Shanghai Ethnic and Religious Affairs Commission states that it plans to build a contemporary Christian church named Yongen Church in Qiantan Area, approved by Shanghai Municipal Development & Reform Commission.

Chinese Preacher on Urban Shepherd Ministry: Challenges it facing and how Critical to Modern Society(Part 1)

Shepherding urban believers is critical to modern churches. A Chinese preacher named Chen Enzhun shares his view on the challenges urban believers may meet in the workplace.

How Can Christians Live Out the Fragrant Incense of Christ?

"Christians are letters God writes to the world, through whom people want to know God," shared Rev. Sun Lihua who discussed the three ways to live out the fragrant incense of Christ in a sermon service in Chongwenmen Church.

Jiangsu Wujiang Church Celebrates the 20th Anni of Foundation

Rev. Yang Bingrong, the President of Wujiang CCC&TSPM, shared the 20-year history of Wujiang Church in the four aspects: the number of believers, the church income, talent development and ministry.

Beijing Chongwenmen Church Holds the Taizé Prayer Services in the Christmas Season

On Dec. 3, Beijing Congwenmen Church held the Taizé Prayer Service “The Beginning of Love” at 9:00-11:00, opening the curtain of the series of worship activities in the Christmas month.

44 People Baptized in Shenyang Shashan Church

Shenyang Shashan church held two baptism services on Nov. 28 and 29. 44 seekers were baptized.