Topic: Sinicizing Christianity

Ancient Chinese Porcelain Depicted the Bible Story showed up in Shanghai Museum

"The Palace Museum, Shanghai Museum of Ming and Qing dynasties trade porcelain exhibition" held in the Shanghai Museum, more than 160 trade in the Ming and Qing dynasties porcelain, including a wide color graphics depicting the Bible story of Jingdezhen kiln.

The second Christian Art Expo Held in The Northeastern Theological Seminary

The second Christian Art Expo held in the stadium of The Northeastern Theological Seminary, on 18-20th Aug.

“Zhejiang Theological Seminary’s Research and Practice Education Base ” set up in Wenzhou

The unveiling ceremony of "Zhejiang Theological Seminary's Research and Practice Education Base" held in Wenzhou Liushi Church.The base is designed to build an interactive platform between the seminary and the church.

Yunnan Theological Seminary is to reach 300 students

The official website of the Yunnan Theological Seminary recently released an article written by the president Luo Deshun, talking about the history, status quo, and development goals.

CCD Exclusive Interview with a model worker: Eager to build a ceramic church

30 years ago, when 19-y-o sister Li Donglian stepped into a decrepit church which was one hundred years old, she was touched and made a promise to God that she will build a beautiful church for God.Today, as the founder of a ceramics company, she is preparing to build a ceramic church.

Chinese cultural scholar: Christianity and Chinese culture must be open with each other

As a scholar researching the history of Christianity in China, Professor HE Zhangrong reflected on the success or failure and current situation of Protestantism in China for more than 200 years from the standpoint of Christianity and Chinese culture.

Yunnan Province Holds Emotional Ceremony to Mark 100th Anniversary of Samuel Pollard's Death

A ceremony was held in Kunming, Yunnan to mark the 100th anniversary of Samuel Pollard's death on Sept. 1st, 2015. Samuel Pollard's mission in Yunnan and Shimenkan, Guizhou was reviewed and his realistic significance, from his spirit to preaching the gospel nowadays, was discussed. His grandson and descendants also visited China for the first time and paid respects to their ancestor in Zhaotong and Shimenkan.

Nanjing Holds Symposium Marking the 100th Birth of Bishop Ding Guangxun, Late Chinese Christian Leader

On September 11th, the symposium of celebrating the 100th anniversary of birth of Bishop Ding Guangxun was held in Nanjing,capital city of Jiangsu Province, which was hosted by local TSPM&CCC and Jiangsu Theological Seminary.

Little-known History Facts of Samuel Pollard in Late China

Speaking of Pastor Samuel Pollard, many people think of the phenomenon of Shimenkan, Dahuamiao People, Zhaotong. But few people know that he and his friend F.J.Dymond (Chinese name Tai Mulian) once built churches, schools and hospitals in Huize County, Qujing City, Yunnan province, which cultivated many talents for the local place.

Brief Process of the Publicity of Christianity in China after the Reform and Opening Up

Since the first protestant missionary Morrison came into China in1807, the birth and the development of Christianity (protestant) in China has been 200 years. Looking back this more than 200 years history, "localization" is one of the main tones in China's Christianity.