Topic: Theological Seminary

Beijing and Tianjin Churches joined the rescue team after the Tianjin explosion

Believers in Yanjin Theological seminary prayed for people in Binghai Tianjin explosion area, during the two services on Sunday Worship. That same day, all disciples of Zhushikou Church in Beijing also prayed for them.

“Zhejiang Theological Seminary’s Research and Practice Education Base ” set up in Wenzhou

The unveiling ceremony of "Zhejiang Theological Seminary's Research and Practice Education Base" held in Wenzhou Liushi Church.The base is designed to build an interactive platform between the seminary and the church.

Yunnan Theological Seminary is to reach 300 students

The official website of the Yunnan Theological Seminary recently released an article written by the president Luo Deshun, talking about the history, status quo, and development goals.

Picture show: the opening ceremony of Yanjing Theological Seminary

On the afternoon of August 31, 2015, the opening ceremony of Yanjing Theological Seminary Conference for students 2015 was held at the Yanjing Chapel.

Seminary Teacher Chen Xun: Church in China is at the age of puberty not of independence

Pastor Chen Xun, a teacher of Yanjing Theological Seminary, shared in a preaching recently that "The China Church isn't at the age of independence but at the age of puberty, because our churches still have difficulty surpassing some external pursuits."

Yanjing Theological Seminary Holds Charity Bazaar to Raise Money for Town Church

Yangjing theological seminary held the third charity bazaar to support developments of the town church on Sept. 13, 2015. The theme of the event this year was "Join into coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, support for shepherds in Heibei town church".

Nanjing Holds Symposium Marking the 100th Birth of Bishop Ding Guangxun, Late Chinese Christian Leader

On September 11th, the symposium of celebrating the 100th anniversary of birth of Bishop Ding Guangxun was held in Nanjing,capital city of Jiangsu Province, which was hosted by local TSPM&CCC and Jiangsu Theological Seminary.

Baoshan Bible School of the Nations-- School Serves Minority Students in Alpine Regions of Yunnan Province

There are seminaries in metropolises as well as little-known Bible schools in different prefectures and counties. They all bear the mission of training apostles for God's Kingdom. Baoshan Bible School of the Nations is just one of them.

Scholar in Religious studies: God's Word be Testified by our actions

On Sept. 30, religion scholar Dr. Tang Xiaofeng gave a lecture in Yanjing Theological Seminary. He shared his thoughts towards the present situation of Christianity and here lies the way: Christians shouldn’t be fettered by public opinion andGod’s Word be testified by actions.

Zhengzhou CCC/TSPM opened Theological Class for Local Churches

On Oct. 12, Zhengzhou CCCTSPM opened Theological class in Zhongmou Church. Committee of Zhengzhou CCC&TSPM, a hundred teachers and students of the theological class attended the opening ceremony.